Another Blog Creation of Jules » Identifying Your Cat’s Health Issues

February 27th, 2009

Quoting from Another Blog Creation of Jules » Identifying Your Cat’s Health Issues by Joy Nelson

It’s difficult when you know your cat isn’t feeling well because she can’t tell you her symptoms or exactly how she’s feeling. Instead it’s up to you to pay close attention and monitor any changes in behavior or changes in routine so you can identify any possible signs of feline illness.

It’s important to know your cat’s regular habits, things like regular eating and drinking habits, regular activity level, and regular litter box or “bathroom” habits. But it’s good to keep in mind that with certain illnesses a cat might not show many symptoms; she might only have mild indications.

It’s important to pay close attention to any changes in your cat’s behavior and even take notes on the changes in behavior or habits.
This will provide you with the additional benefit of having collected more data for your veterinarian. The more specific information you can provide your vet, the better he or she will be equipped to make a fast and accurate diagnosis. Diagnosis isn’t always easy, so you want to help your veterinarian as much as possible.

Another reason you should monitor your kitty closely and learn her habits well is that the earlier you catch a cat health problem the more likely you or your veternarian will be able to successfully treat your kitty.

Another good reason to act fast is because certain feline illnesses can contribute to cat behavior problems like urinating or defecating outside of the litter box. This behavior can become an unpleasant cycle of problems so avoiding this behavior when at all possible is of course best for both you and your feline friend.

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