Health Concerns When Breeding Cats-Part I |

April 2nd, 2009

Quoting from Health Concerns When Breeding Cats-Part I | – [The Blog]

Decision-making Time

While you should never, ever allow your female cat to breed unless you intend to keep the kittens yourself, have people lined up who want the kittens or you are an authorized breeder, if your queen (female) does get pregnant, you should pay special attention to her health needs.

But, before your kitty gets pregnant, you should make sure she’s in the best health, and not too young. Females will go into heat for the first time around 6 months on average, but it could be a bit earlier or later. I have a purebred Sphynx (hairless cat) queen, Sophie, that I acquired specifically for breeding and she didn’t go into heat until she was 8 months old.

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