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Online Kitten Cam | – [The Blog]

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What if you could watch kittens and cats interact all day long? You could watch them during your work break or share the experience with a friend or family member. Kittens are all about playing, and you can get a couple laughs just from watching their puffy bodies roll around the floor and leap from spot to spot. So where can you watch kittens like this every day?

The Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Inc. in Michigan has launched a webcam show featuring their lively cats. The show runs seven days a week and has become increasingly popular since its debut a month ago. The cats have several houses to play on, and the area is setup to be fit for a kitten princess. The purple, pink and blue colors make it a bright atmosphere, and the cats enjoy relaxing and cleaning themselves on the turret like structures. After watching them in action, you come to appreciate the cats’ gracefulness and agility.

Watching these cats and kittens actually becomes relaxing after a while, so it’s no surprise that people use this site as a stress reliever while at work. The animals get pleasure from the simple things in life and that can be a reminder to us all.

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