Identifying Your Cat’s Health Issues

Identifying Your Cat’s Health Issues

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If you realize your kitty is not feeling well it can be difficult because she isn’t able to tell you her symptoms or precisely what she is feeling. Instead it’s your responsibility to watch for any changes in routine or changes in behavior. This way you can be aware of any possible signs that your cat may be developing a feline illness.

It’s important to know your cat’s regular habits including regular activity level, regular eating and drinking habits and regular litter box or “bathroom” habits. Also remember that with certain feline illnesses a cat may not exhibit many symptoms or she may only show very mild symptoms of feline illness.

This makes it vital that you know their routines and habits as well as possible.

Gathering more information about your cat’s symptoms can also help the veterinarian know where to start when working on a diagnosis for the feline illness. Sometimes the diagnosis for cat health problems is determined quickly, but other times it can be complicated and any additional information from you can be helpful.

The more quickly you realize there may be something wrong the better. Starting treatment quickly can cut down on additional problems and provide a better success rate. Plus your kitty will start feeling better sooner.

Another good reason to act fast is because certain feline illnesses can contribute to cat behavior problems like urinating or defecating outside of the litter box. This behavior can become an unpleasant cycle of problems so avoiding this behavior when at all possible is of course best for both you and your feline friend.

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