How Can I Find The Best Food For My Cat? 

How Can I Find The Best Food For My Cat? 

Quoting from How Can I Find The Best Food For My Cat?  by Emma Lawson

For many years I’ve been health conscious about my own diet, but then I thought what about my cats? I know what kinds of foods are healthy for me, but what cat food is truly a healthy cat food? I tried looking at labels a few times, but I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. Which ingredients are essential and healthy and which ingredients are fillers?

I’m a firm believer that nutrition is the foundation of health and I wanted good nutrition for my cats too. I want them to have a good quality of life, to be with me for a long time, and none of us are fans of unnecessary visits to the vet. Regular check ups are essential, of course, but by feeding them a healthy diet I hope to lower the risk of them contracting some of the common cat health problems that seem to occur all too often.

So I started doing my research. First it’s important to understand the biology of a cat. Cats are obligate carnivores so they need a high percentage of protein in order for their bodies to function well. Without proper levels of taurine, which is found in meats, cats can experience a range of health problems that can include blindness. Needless to say a quality source of protein will be the first ingredient listed in a healthy cat food.

We may have domesticated them, but by nature they hunt their food and eat it raw. That sounds pretty unpleasant to us but it’s natural for them. By nature they also have a low thirst drive because they were made to get some of their moisture in their food. Some cats that only eat dry foods aren’t getting enough liquids, this can contribute to problems with feline urinary tract infections. It’s important to add at least some moist food to your cat’s diet. Moist food can include canned, raw or frozen. It’s also important to encourage your cat to drink more by providing fresh, clean water. Keeping water in a couple areas of the house can help.

Too much of the food in our grocery stores is over processed and contains bad ingredients. The same seems to be true for cat food. Manufacturers can produce food much cheaper by adding fillers, unfortunately cat’s bodies don’t always respond so well to these fillers. It seems more and more cats have been developing allergies and sensitive stomachs. A sensitive stomach can cause them to throw up a lot after eating which makes it hard for them to absorb the nutrition in their food.

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